July 22, 2008


Wow! Now I know why people come from all over the world to see Niagara Falls. It’s spectacular! I’m on the 19th floor looking out my window at the falls and the mist rising from them–yes, the mist is rising that high (and higher)! It looks like there’s a cloud hovering over them. The falls themselves are incredible. You can hear the constant roar of the waterfalls across the street and through the closed windows. The volume of water that’s flowing over the falls is mind boggling.

So about 2 hours ago, www.BetterEdit.com switched servers from one web hosting company (with lousy customer service) to a different web hosting company, www.HostMySite.com. We had another great experience! The nameserver switch went seamlessly, but I ran into a glitch with the email. And that’s a MAJOR glitch for an Internet-based business! No worries, though! I simply went to the HostMySite.com site, clicked on “Chat” and voila! Poof, disappearo! The problem was fixed in a single conversation with a rep from tech support!

My administrator, Angela Lewis (who lives in Australia), also had a great experience with them–and she’s on the other side of the world in a completely different time zone operating on a different day, and they were just as easily accessible and customer friendly! I can’t say enough great things about www.HostMySite.com. Thanks for making our Internet experience a great one!

Remember! Better Use BetterEdit for Better Communication!

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July 18, 2008


Hey, wow, this is … way too cool! OK, so let me have my moment! Hey, if we can’t have fun in life, what the heck are we here for! True, we have responsibilities, and I’m taking care of those. So, have fun too! And get pleasure from the small things in life–like being totally awed by a totally awesome company with totally awesome toys! Namely, www.HostMySite.com (da bomb!), www.SmarterTools.com and www.WordPress.com! These comments are unsolicited–really. I own a 24/7, 365 worldwide, Internet business that specializes in comprehensive editing services. I need my support to be seamless and as available as we are! I am switching hosting companies to www.HostMySite.com because it was recommended and the experience has been totally amazzzzzing!

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January 21, 2007

Job Opening: Toronto Poster Distributor

BetterEdit is looking to hire a part time poster distribution campus rep in Toronto.

For more details see:

Job Opening – Toronto Canada – University Campus Representative

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November 18, 2006

Current developments: the BetterEdit.com Library

We have been negotiating with a few Internet authors (university professors from the UK and North America) to allow us to publish their articles in the BetterEdit library. The library is intended to be a free resource for our students. We are presently collecting and writing articles aimed at helping students prepare assignments. We will offer a comprehensive “how to write an essay” guide as well as a “how to prepare a thesis” guide. These two guides will form the foundations for our library.

Chelsea Allen, one of our editors, is working on a few special articles including an insider’s guide to what professors look for in an essay and hints and tips resource for using the Internet for research purposes. We hope to add more and more specialty articles like these over the months as we develop the library.

Once the library is established I expect many students will come to rely on it. We have no intentions of every charging for our library and anticipate it will remain free for many years to come.


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August 14, 2006

We Are Hiring Students In Honolulu And Vancouver

Do you need a casual job and are located in Vancouver, Canada or Honolulu, Hawaii?

BetterEdit is recruiting one university campus representative for each of these two cities. The jobs take 2-4 hours per week placing posters around different university campuses.

For further details click these links:

Yaro Starak
BetterEdit Manager

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New BetterEdit Blog Design

I’ve just about finished the final touches for the new Official BetterEdit Blog design, which if you are viewing this through a browser you should be able to see.

It’s a nice and clean design that I had built for use on other blogs and I think it’s perfect for BetterEdit because the text is easy to read. Since a significant proportion of BetterEdit’s clientele are from non-English speaking backgrounds it’s important that this blog is clear and simple to navigate.

The design also features a new system backend which I am using to type this entry. This blog is now powered by the ever beautiful WordPress blog content management system, which is a breeze to use.

I hope to implement some systems here at the BetterEdit blog which will see more regular content produced focused on providing tools, resources and education for university students writing essays and theses. Our new admin officer Angela Vink will take over writing at this blog so you can look forward to hearing from her in the near future.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the new blog design, I certainly am.


Yaro Starak
BetterEdit Manager

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July 29, 2006

A Book To Improve Your Essay Writing

A visitor to the BetterEdit website emailed me and had the following question –

I was wondering if you could recommend some books that I could refer to in order to improve my writing skills. I am not good at punctuating sentences, and am in need of desperate help.

I decided to email one of our most helpful editors, Alexa Grunner, to see if she could offer a recommendation to answer this question. As expected Alexa was quick to respond with the following advice –

I use the following book which is written for overseas students. It’s not perfect, but it has great advice regarding essay and paragraph structure.

Oshima, A. & A. Hogue. (1999). Writing Academic English. (3rd Edition.)
New York: Addison Wesley Longman.

Regarding punctuation, it has great charts and explanations on pp.245-254, which are easy to follow.

Yaro Starak
BetterEdit.com Manager

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April 5, 2005


Jetlag is a bitch. I didn’t feel it heading to Canada but coming back to Australia I’m feeling it. So far I haven’t managed to sleep past 5:30 AM yet. In honour of my tired state I offer up a mixed bag blog post today…

I was walking the downtown streets of Brisbane city today for the first time since getting back to Australia. I was heading down Adelaide St, passing the many bus shelters and I noticed the ads where moving. Yep they have installed sliding ads so each bus shelter rotates between two ads rather than just a static single ad. The movement tends to catch your eye too. Smart move advertising company but when did little Brisbane get so cosmo.

This one for all those Australian young entrepreneurs out there – Chris Khoo, one of the guys that manages YNOT in Brisbane (that’s Young Network Of enTrepreneurs) has moved the forums to their own domain at www.youngentrepreneur.com.au. Check it out for some good local Aussie business chat.

The Bnoopy Blog has been updated with an interesting article about The Long Tail Effect

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March 29, 2005

Heading back to Australia and SKYPE

I have a quick personal update today. I’m heading back to Brisbane Australia Wednesday so I’ll be offline for a day or two. Edward Chalmers my friend in Brisbane who has been manning the phones and checking the post office box for the Australian queries will be watching the email while I’m travelling.

It’s unfortunate Australia and Canada are so far apart. I’d like to live in both countries and if it was simply a matter of flying between say New York and Toronto it would be much easier. But it’s a 20 hour flight to get from one end of the world to the other. Anyone that has ever visited Australia from pretty much anywhere in the northern hemisphere I’m sure can concur with my situation. It’s not a fun trip and you don’t want to be doing it more than a few times a year.

I’ll be making the most of my flying time by reading some of the books I have piling up. I’ll also spend a bit of time working on a resource for this blog. I’ve been getting some questions regarding running and/or buying an online business so I thought it would be useful to put together a step-by-step case study of what I did to get my business off the ground. I’ll be looking at all the tiny details with the hope that you can learn and emulate what I did right and avoid my mistakes.

I find tips and story like advice from other online businesses and entrepreneurs to be very helpful. Often what other people write about business spark the best ideas for your own business so I thought I might give some of the kudos back. I’m sure many of you out there plan, dream or currently operate an online business and may find some guidelines helpful from someone that is currently walking the Entrepreneur’s Journey.

Lastly tonight I’m going to send out a quick recommendation for a piece of software you may or may not have heard of. It’s called SKYPE and I think it is one of the most exciting services currently unfolding via the Internet. It’s a voice telephony over Internet software that is completely free for software to software and also has a very affordable (about 3c AUD/CAD per minute) for Internet to landline calls. I’ve been using it in Toronto to keep in touch with family and friends in Australia and I’ve even used the paid service to contact clients in Australia. For example I made a call to a client’s mobile phone (cell phone) in Sydney from my laptop which was using wireless Internet access from my home in Toronto. It cost me about 10c to sort out the query. I’ve talked for about an hour using the service and it’s cost me about $2 so far. I’ve talked for countless hours using the free service. It’s still a bit buggy at times when talking Australia to Canada but considering the distance more often than not it’s pretty damn good.

I expect this sort of service to eventually replace standard landlines and in the not too distance future we will be having video calls over Internet networks at prices so cheap it will be ridiculous. The best benefit – this technology can be rolled out in third world countries using satellite and wireless Internet access points. It’s an exciting time to be working on the Internet!

Yaro Starak

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March 28, 2005

Pay Per Click (PPC) Fraud

I was just reading a post about click fraud at the Young Entrepreneur forums. It mentioned some pretty nasty things your competitors could be doing to you if you use pay per click (PPC) services such as Google Adwords.

Statements like this are an example of a possible method that your competitors could be taking advantage of your PPC advertising budget.

I know of SEO companies who have scripts that will click on their clients competitors Adword ads until the competitors have hit their daily max spending limit. They do this to the ads above their clients ad, and once the competitors maximum spending budget is reached, Google removes the competitors ads, and the clients ad is at the top, and the program stops.

I myself use Google to bring in some traffic but I’ve never given too much thought to fraud since I hoped (perhaps naively) that Google and the other PPC providers kept on top of fraudsters. They say (that’s the word on the street, dawg) that Google has some fairly sound technology behind their programs which offer good protection.

The key thing is to be smart when using PPC. You need to be tracking your campaigns and monitoring results carefully. You should notice some indicators fairly quickly if you are a victim of fraud. You can’t just turn Google PPC on, throw some money at it and hope that you get more sales as a result. It takes time and maybe you should even consider hiring an expert or having a dedicated staff member manage your campaign, especially if you don’t know your CTs from your CT%.

If you can’t afford to hire specialists and don’t have the staff to do it for you, then do like most of us small business folk do, get educated so you can maintain your own campaign. A good place to start is the Google Adwords FAQ. You might also try third party sites such as Pay Per Click Universe.

Yaro Starak
BetterEdit Manager

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