July 18, 2008


Hey, wow, this is … way too cool! OK, so let me have my moment! Hey, if we can’t have fun in life, what the heck are we here for! True, we have responsibilities, and I’m taking care of those. So, have fun too! And get pleasure from the small things in life–like being totally awed by a totally awesome company with totally awesome toys! Namely, www.HostMySite.com (da bomb!), www.SmarterTools.com and www.WordPress.com! These comments are unsolicited–really. I own a 24/7, 365 worldwide, Internet business that specializes in comprehensive editing services. I need my support to be seamless and as available as we are! I am switching hosting companies to www.HostMySite.com because it was recommended and the experience has been totally amazzzzzing!

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